New Gear

LowEnd 112, 212 cabinets

Had an amazing response to my new design LowEnd bass cabinets at NAMM.

Gator Single and Double bags

Double pro $199
Single pro $169

New Demeter 800 Fliptop 15

Semesters own fliptop with 800 watts head so you can easily run an extension if ever needed.

VBoutique cabs And pedal boards

Bass and Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Pedals boards

BOOTY IN ABOX - The LowEnd Pre

Get your BOOTY IN ABOX now!

Quantum Audio Cables!!!!!!

Quantum Audio cable for Instrument and Speaker 12 Gauge Speakon and 1/4.

New Genzler Array 112 cabs

This innovative design blends the benefits of a 12” vented bass reflex design with the performanc

Model: Array 112
New Design True-Voice all standard Jensen Trans $699

New designed True-Voice, now come standard with Jensen transformer DI's. Uses 6SN7 or 6SL7 tube.